Getting Started

Setup & installation


Installation of the .net 7 SDK from Microsoft

Once installed, the teamserver and client are started with dotnet run


  1. To configure the team server's starting address (where clients will connect), edit the HardHatC2\TeamServer\Properties\LaunchSettings.json changing the "applicationUrl": "" to the desired location and port.

  2. start the teamserver with dotnet run from its top-level folder ../HrdHatC2/Teamserver/

⚠️ By default, the teamserver allows any IP to try and connect to it. It is advised to limit this to a known good IP range. Edit: Appsettings.json in the teamserver folder, changing "Whitelist": "*" to "Whitelist":"" for example, only allowing that subnet to make requests to the teamserver.

⚠️ by default, the TeamServer JWT Signing Key is hard coded. It is also in the Appsettings.json file. Edit this value to help protect your JWTs.

HardHat Client

  1. When starting the client to set the target teamserver location, include it in the command line dotnet run for example

  2. open a web browser and navigate to https://localhost:7096/ if this works, you should see the login page

  3. Log in with the HardHat_Admin user

  4. Navigate to the settings page & create a new user if successful, a message should appear, then you may log in with that account to access the full client

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