Using An Asset

How to Use an Asset

  • To use an Asset, follow its directions on its README for any specifics like packages to install, such as Cargo for Rivet, but in general.

  1. git clone repo link

  2. Navigate to the HardHat repo and run `Dotnet build -c Release`

  3. Navigate to the cloned repo for the plugin and edit the AssetName_ClientPlugin/AssetName.csproj & AssetName_ServerPlugin/AssetName.csproj modify the paths for the Client, Team Server, and ApiModels DLLs to be the local copy you just built

  4. Navigate to the cloned repo for the plugin and run dotnet build -c Release

  5. Copy the created DLLs to the clients and team server, typically found in ClonedRepo\Asset Name\Asset Name_ClientPlugin\bin\Release\net7.0\Asset Name_ClientPlugin.dll & ClonedRepo\Asset Name\Asset Name_ServerPlugin\bin\Release\net7.0\Asset Name_ServerPlugin.dll These should go in the respective plugins folders in the HardHatC2Client and TeamServer folders of HardHat

  6. If HardHat is running, navigate to the Setting page on the client and refresh the client and server plugins. You should now be able to build the Asset in the implant build menu and get them to check in and send tasking.

  7. If HardHat is not running, just start HardHat, and the plugins are loaded during startup

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